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ArteFill® is the First FDA-Approved Non-Resorbable Aesthetic Injectable Implant for the Correction of Nasolabial Folds artefill_permanent_lips

ArteFill® is the first and only FDA-approved non-resorbable injectable filler for the correction of wrinkles known as smile lines. It contains 20% tiny round and smooth particles (PMMA microspheres) and 80% purified collagen gel and 0.3% lidocaine, an anesthetics. to alleviate discomfort during injection. The microsphers provide a surrounding for your collagen deposition and only after few months, the collagen base is largely replaced by your own collagen.

Your wrinkles are filled with your own collagen permanently

For over 10 years, Artefill predecessor has been used in Europe and Canada with great success for filiing Nasolabial folds, Marrionette Lines, Wrinkles around Lips, Acne scars, and Lip Augmentation.

There is nothing more beautiful than
the warmth of a smile.

ArteFill Is Different From temporary Dermal Fillers
All  temporary fillers, such as autologous fat, bovine collagen (Zyderm®, Zyplast®) human collagen (CosmoDerm®, CosmoPlast®), and hyaluronic acid (Restylane®, Hylaform®), provide only temporary effects because they are naturally absorbed by the body within a few months following implantation.  That is why they require frequent repeat injections. ArteFill is different. Aesthetic results are not only visible immediately but the unique microspheres in Artefill provide a permanent support structure to support the wrinkle and to prevent further wrinkling. As with all products using bovine collagen, a skin sensitivity test must be performed prior to use. Now, with Artefill, you can get the lasting wrinkle correction you want in just one or two treatments. Where the results of temporary fillers end, the long-lasting benefits of Artefill continue.

Artefill Aplication

Artefill is simply injected by Dr. Alavi, under the defect with a small needle. Because it also contains lidocaine, it immediately numbs up the area upon administration. This can be done with either numbing cream or a nerve block with minimum discomfort.. As Artefill is long lasting it requires proper training in injection and avoiding complication. Dr. Alavi is considered a world expert in this product and has more experience than almost any other physician in United States.


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Sassan Alavi, MD
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Dec. 1, 2009
Nov. 8, 2009
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Nov. 8, 2009
August 2, 2007
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Sassan Alavi, MD introduces Artefill and the concept of Permanent Wrinkle reduction and Liquid face lift to the audience.

May 5, 2007
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San Diego Liposuction Center was featured on Fox News, on May 5th 2007, as the premier site in San Diego, for best and latest in Plastic Surgery and Skin Care.

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Power Liposuction
Dr. Sassan Alavi san diego plastic surgeon
FDA Botox Approval
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Sassan Alavi, MD has been featured numerous times on CBS News for his expertise in Power Liposuction, Botox and other plastic surgery procedures.

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