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Dr. Alavi has performed over 12,000 Liposuction procedures.

Dr. Alavi awarded America's Best Plastic Surgeon 2023

Liposuction¬†is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in America. Today over 200,000 individuals undergo this procedure each year. While there is some risk with any procedure, liposuction is also one of the safest. Complications have been reported as low as one per thousand, with most of these being minor skin irregularities due to the failure of the skin to contract to the patient’s smaller size.

Over the last 20-yrs., as a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alavi has performed liposuction on over 12,000 individuals. He serves as an Advisor for the American Society of Liposuction Surgery.

Dr. Alavi specializes in using the tumescent technique with micro-cannulas using Power-assisted Liposuction. The reason he chose to use this technique is for these three simple reasons:

  1. More precise – it takes 40% less time to perform, which is better for you, our patient.
  2. Less pain – there is a 50% reduction in post-operative pain
  3. Better Results – due to a 40% reduction in bruising & swelling, which translates to minor discomfort, and a much faster recovery, almost half the recovery time of the traditional liposuction procedure.

The results can be truly amazing if you are a good candidate for a liposuction procedure!

Liposuction Special - only $650 per area with Dr. Alavi and Dr. Rodriguez

Why Consider Liposuction?

The number of fat cells in an adult is said to be constant. When weight is gained, those fat cells grow. If an area such as the flanks, hips, buttocks, or thighs has excess fat cells compared to the rest of the body, these areas will always be out of proportion. Liposuction permanently removes these extra fat cells. While this is not a protection against generalized weight gain, the area that has been suctioned will remain proportionately smaller forever!

Power-assisted liposuction has been shown to successfully remove unwanted fat in all body areas more efficiently with faster healing than traditional liposuction. Praises for this technique can be seen in Self-magazine, CBS News, FOX News, WebMD, iVillage Health, and many other news sources.

More About the Power-Assisted Liposuction Procedure

The “power” in power-assisted liposuction refers to the advanced instruments used to perform the surgery. Traditional liposuction is performed manually by using a thin stainless steel suction cannula pushed vigorously through the fatty tissue by the surgeon to extract excess fat. Power-assisted liposuction uses a mechanical micro-cannula, removing fatty tissue by a reciprocating motion of only several millimeters. This motion is typically at a rate of 4000 movements per minute. This micro-movement of the cannula in power-assisted liposuction allows the body fat to be removed in a significantly safer, faster, and less traumatic way than could ever be achieved manually by pumping a cannula back and forth. A multi-center study performed at the Juva Skin & Laser Center found that power liposuction was more precise and took 40% less time to complete. There was also a 50% reduction in post-operative pain and a 40% reduction in bruising and swelling. The¬†recovery period is almost half the time with Power Liposuction compared to the traditional procedure.

In Power liposuction, the procedure can take 30 minutes to 2 hours. A motorized micro-cannula removes body fat; thus, the process is very gentle, and the patient feels significantly less pain. Many patients compare the sensation to receiving a massage. This revolutionary approach uses vibration to remove fat and is much safer than the traditional procedure. Power Liposuction is much more precise than traditional liposuction; therefore, the need for touch-up procedures is unlikely. This improvement in technology allows Dr. Alavi to truly sculpt the body safely with this fine instrument. Most of our patients take off only the day after the procedure and then return to work the following day. Most people can resume their regular exercise regimen two weeks after the procedure.

Liposuction Special - only $650 per area with Dr. Alavi and Dr. Rodriguez