Get Rid Of Sagging Eyelids with Blepharoplasty!

Puffy, sagging eyelids can add years to your appearance, making you look much older than you feel! Don’t hide behind droopy lids — let your eyes stand out with blepharoplasty. Sassan Alavi, MD at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego can help you regain your youthful appearance with natural-looking results and minimal downtime.

The brow lift procedure, also called the forehead lift, allows for elevation of the eyebrows and tightening of the forehead skin, giving the eye region a more refreshed and well-rested appearance.

One of Dr. Alavi’s specializations is facial plastic surgery, and he has extensive experience with all types of these procedures. Dr. Alavi was trained by some of the best plastic surgeons in the world in the art of facial plastic surgery.

He has been practicing cosmetic surgery for more than 20 years, and has performed over 2,000 blepharoplasty (eye lift) procedures. These qualities give him the skills and experience needed to perform safe and effective work.

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