A growing number of men are choosing to have a tummy tuck, and cosmetic surgery procedures overall are becoming more common in the male demographic. With the number of weight loss surgeries on the rise, weight fluctuations, and simple genetics more men than ever before are choosing a tummy tuck to tighten and tone their midsection.

A male tummy tuck is designed to improve the shape and appearance of the abdomen and waist, as well as correct loose skin and remove stretch marks. The goal of a male tummy tuck is to create a masculine and athletic abdomen/waist area and by design: reduce fat, tighten up muscles, and remove loose skin.

An added benefit of a male tummy surgery is the strengthening of the abdominal wall. By doing so, it can leave you with results that appear more defined, firmer and smoother, culminating in an accentuated 6-pack along with an overall flatter abdominal appearance. As each male tummy tuck procedure is tailored to your unique body type, the recovery period will depend on such factors as, the length of the incisions, the degree of correction, one’s age along with your health and fitness activity.

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