Can you afford a long weekend?

Imagine an affordable facelift with minimal invasiveness and a quick recovery – Consider a ‘Weekend’ Mini Face Lift!

As we grow older, our face and its characteristics begin to change. One of the earliest signs that men and women are maturing, is that the middle of the face droops with gravity, the jowl develops and the corners of the mouth lower. In the mirror we begin to notice an older, less vibrant or even a sad look, even though we are active and happy.

The Weekend Mini-facelift can produce significant improvement with dramatic result and take years off the face.

These changes are the result of the loss of collagen and elastin in the fibromuscular layer below the skin. Once this loss occurs, the deep layer loses its support and begins to droop down. Thus, the developing changes are stubborn and resistant to conservative treatment such as collagen, fat transfers or lasers.

Now an easy method to naturally reverse the aging of the face is available, the Weekend mini-facelift. It is an effective “technically advanced procedure” with a powerful result that Dr. Alavi has developed over the past decade. The cheek is restored, the sagging folds are reduced and the jowl disappears. This simple procedure takes less than 2 hours, is performed under minimal anesthesia, and it costs significantly less than other procedures.

Because of its minimal invasiveness, recovery is quick with little bruising or discomfort. After 48 hours the patient is up and about and can usually return to all social activity after 72 hours.