Chin Augmentation

Many people with a recessive chin feel self-conscious and want to change the shape and projection. This type of chin may be easily corrected by inserting a chin implant that increases the size of the chin. Ideally, the chin should project to a point almost as forward as the upper lip line. This surgery can be done in conjunction with Rhinoplasty or as a separate procedure.

Man with strong chin after plastic surgery

During chin surgery, an implant is placed through an incision under the chin.

Cheekbone Augmentation

Often times cheek bone structure makes the difference between an ordinary face and one that is exceptionally beautiful. Shallow cheek bones are usually inherited or are the result of aging due to the re-absorption of bone tissue. A “hollow” look on an individual can cause the face to appear flat.

The correction for cheek bone deficiency is cheek bone augmentation. The cheek area can be corrected by implanting a small prosthetic device. Through an incision in the mouth or under the eye, the cheek bone implant can be customized to the patients’ requirements and dramatically improve the facial profile

Complications in either of these surgeries are unusual, however there are risks of infection, bleeding, rejection, asymmetry or implant shifting.